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Why Not Barbeque Your Fall Fundraising?

Barbeque Brisket To Go Fundraiser

Ever heard how barbeque makes everything better? That’s true with fundraising too. Often, back to school means back to fundraising, why not try something new this year with a Barbeque Meal Sale Program? You make the sales, and we deliver awesome barbeque to your location. You decide if you want to organize a pick-up event or a community building event where you can sit down and eat in your event room. With our meats smoked with cherry and maple wood, and our sides made from scratch, our barbeque practically sells itself for you.

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Boogie Barbeque And Barns – Ya, That Sounds Right


Some things just seem to go together, and eating our classic bbq while checking out vintage vehicles is definitely one them. Boogie Barbeque is bringing our smoky goodness out to the Gilmore Car Museum for their Red Barns Spectacular Car Show & Swap Meet on Saturday,  August 5th –  and we want to see you there!

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Invite Boogie Barbecue To Your Next Family Reunion


Looking to make your next family reunion easier? Invite Boogie Barbecue! We’re the best hybrid of the organized aunt and the fun uncle – we save you from cooking, and we go whole hog on the fun. Our Catering Menu has something for everyone – whether you’re interested in us bringing out a whole hog and roasting it in your backyard or delivering food ready to eat.

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Liven Up Your Events with Barbecue Catering from Boogie Barbecue

Barbecue Catering

If you've got a big event coming up, you've undoubtedly made a list... or a few lists! Who in the area offers catering for the number of guests you're expecting? Who on that list offers food that all of your guests will enjoy? When you're plagued by these concerns, we've got one answer for you: Boogie Barbecue catering! With a massive selection of America's favorite foods – from mac and cheese to pulled pork, and from baby back ribs to beef brisket – Boogie Barbecue is the area's best choice when it comes to making your event memorable and, more importantly, hands-free. In today's post, we're going to look at a few of the events that we can help you with.

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How Boogie’s Barbecue Catering Can Spice Up Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Are you planning for your big day? Do you have a wedding rehearsal dinner in the works? Are you concerned with how you're going to appease the appetites of your guests? If so, Boogie Barbecue & Catering is equipped to help! With a catering menu that is constantly growing, we offer a wide range of dishes that are certain to appeal to every guest: young, old, and everywhere in between. In today's post, we're going to look at a handful of ways that we can help you spice up your wedding rehearsal dinner.

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Plan for Success Now: Celebrate Your Graduation Party with Barbecue Catering

Graduation Party Catering

With the school year drawing to a close, it's time to start thinking about your graduation party. A time-honored tradition, graduation parties are among the largest social affairs celebrated by high schoolers and, in many cases, their parents. Driving around town, it's not uncommon to see a multitude of balloons and signs adorning mailboxes, swaying in the wind, and announcing the event. But, in this milieu, how can you differentiate your party? How can you really add some "wow factor" to your child's party? Well, Boogie Barbecue's ability to cater is one assuredly effective way to put your graduation party on the map!

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Suuuuuuu-EEE! Barbecue Catering from Boogie BBQ!

Barbecue Catering

Next time you're planning an event, try that call, or call Boogie Barbecue. Think of it as a travelling art show. Great Barbecue, you see, is an art form. It's starts with a raw, natural talent. But talent isn't enough. You don't rise to the level of artist until you add passion. And work ... years of hard work. Study the masters, then copy the masters, "master" the masters, and do their stuff as well as they do. Then you're ready to experiment, because you're not an artist until your art is your own. So, you try something new. Start with the fundamentals, remember everything you learned, then change it up.

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Liven Up Your Next Event With Barbecue Catering From Boogie Barbecue

Barbecue Catering

Starting out as a pig roaster, Boogie Barbecue knows a thing or two about barbecue catering. We toiled for years, striving to develop our recipes, testing a range of methods, and working with a collection of backyard roasters to perfect the art of pig roasting. Journeying to North Carolina, we talked with southern pit masters, learning their unique secrets and exploring the vast number of approaches to roasting, smoking, and barbecuing. In the end, we feel the results speak for themselves: delicious, tender meats that have been infused with a rich, smoky flavor that can only be achieved by cooking slowly and patiently.

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WMU Soccer home coming tailgate party


Party with soccer fans and supports

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Boogie Barbeque is Ready to Boogie at the Blues Fest

Blues Festival

This year's 22nd Annual Kalamazoo Blues Festival is rocking in on the weekend of July 9-11, and you better believe we won't be missing it. You bring your listening ears and hungry bellies, and we'll bring the barbeque. Our Boogie Barbeque truck will be offering delicious pulled pork, mouth-watering ribs, beef brisket, corn on the cob, and more. 

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